CCAM researchers solve current and complex manufacturing challenges in collaboration with their members in the following four research focus areas:


Processes by which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired shape and size by a controlled material-removal process

You require the highest quality information to help you make the right production decisions. CCAM’s research and production facilities are home to cutting-edge industrial manufacturing equipment for testing methods that translate directly to your shop floor. Our research staff will partner with you to optimize your machining process - reducing setup, cycle and inspection processes to lower your production costs, decrease production time and increase quality.


machining | fabrication | sensor technology | experimental testing | process development | simulation | metrology and non-destructive evaluation


advanced diagnostics | enhanced machining technology | machining process optimization

Machining at Work

CCAM Machining Science and Technology


The Machining Science and Technology specializes in machining process optimization – working with customers of any size to reduce setup, cycle and inspection times for quick-turnaround cost reduction and problem mitigation. We combine expertise in machining, fabrication, sensor technology, experimental testing, process development, simulation, metrology and non-destructive evaluation to provide you with the highest quality information so you can make the right decision when it comes to your production. Our expansive shop floor offers a host of industrial manufacturing equipment so our results can directly translate to your shop floor.

Team Mission

The mission of the machining research program at CCAM is utilize expertise in machining and manufacturing to develop robust process optimization techniques for manufacturers to lower production costs, decrease production time and increase quality.


Value Proposition

Research with the CCAM Machining Science and Technology team means:

  • Production-ready validation of tools and machining processes
  • Readily available, industrial machining platforms available for milling, turning and multi-axis
  • In-Situ machining process diagnostic systems
  • In-house expertise in machining, dynamics, materials, characterization, testing and simulation

Strategic Themes

  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Machining Process Optimization
  • Enhanced Machining Technology

Capabilities and Services:

Process Optimization


Cost reduction through machining trial validation, matching the right tool to the right process. Slash cutting time and optimize dynamics to ensure higher quality at lower cost - faster.

Additive Machining Research

CCAM is optimizing the machining of additive parts by streamlining post processing techniques for complex geometries, highly interrupted cuts, multi-material builds and the development of specialized tools.

Advanced Diagnostics

Automated Tool Wear Measurement:

In-situ high resolution techniques to measure the wear of the machine tool cutting edge for tool development, production optimization and diagnostics

Force Testing

High Sensitivity milling and turning Dynamometers available for measuring cutting forces in multiple axes


Enhanced Machining Technologies


CCAM has a variety of cryogenic machining and cleaning equipment on hand, including Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems and CO2 Plasma

SuperCritical CO2

CCAM has implemented Fusion Coolant System’s SuperCritical CO2 platform into next generation machining centers for process development on thru-tool supercritical CO2 machining process development and material removal rates that are highly efficient.

Laser Assisted Machining


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