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The goal of our Internship Program is to empower students from our university partners (Virginia State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Old Dominion University) with impactful industry skills through hands-on learning in advanced manufacturing research. Interns gain practical experience and professional development in key areas such as Data Science, Digital Systems, Materials Science, Additive Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Processes. They receive personalized guidance from Researcher Mentors, focusing on fostering independence, teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation, all of which are essential for their career readiness.

Testimonials About Interning at CCAM


“I really liked getting the chance to apply things I've learned in school to real world problems. Honorable mention to learning to use Docker, it is a really cool and useful tool.”

VT Computational Modeling & Data Analytics/ Computer Science Major
CCAM Summer Intern 2023


“My favorite part of the internship has been working on a [particular project] where I developed software for the client. It was a great experience for me to learn software development within a certain environment, with a specific timeline and project restrictions.”

VCU Computer Engineering & Economics
CCAM Summer Intern 2023


“Working on multiple applied projects where I worked on all aspects of the project. For example, I got to help design the experiment, implement sensors, design the data collection system, help print/monitor the build, analyzed the data, and analyze the physical parts. I usually only get to work on one or two of these aspects but not all.”

VT PhD Candidate
CCAM Summer Intern 2023

Testimonials about Internship Mentors


“He was a great mentor to me during my previous internship, and I felt the same this summer as well. He lets me figure things out on my own, but if I need some more information or need to ask him how to handle a problem he is always there to help. He also lets me know when I am doing a good job, and if I am not, he lets me know how I can improve.”

VSU Manufacturing Engineering Major
CCAM Summer Intern 2023


“Very responsive to questions and provided relevant feedback to my work. Challenged me to look at problems in different ways.”

VT PhD Candidate
CCAM Summer Intern 2023


“She was always willing to answer questions and seemed eager to help me learn the ropes of the company, so to speak. Coming into a new company is always going to be sort of uncertain at first, but she made it very easy to get acclimated. Whenever I needed input on something, I could ask her.”

VT Computer Science Major
CCAM Summer Intern 2023


“His depth of knowledge, patience, and ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and approachable manner were truly commendable. Throughout our mentorship, he consistently demonstrated empathy and understanding, fostering a nurturing environment that encouraged open dialogue and constructive feedback. I am immensely grateful for the invaluable technical skills and lessons I've learned from him.”

VCU Computer Engineering Major
CCAM Intern 2023


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