CCAM researchers solve current and complex manufacturing challenges in collaboration with their members in the following four research focus areas:

Adaptive Automation Systems

Systems in which both the user and the system can initiate changes in automation

CCAM drives adaptive automation systems that are contextually aware and adjust to variability in data systems, environment, parts, people and processes. Whether your production needs center on technology, process or measurement, we have the know-how and cutting-edge equipment to develop solutions to your industrial automation challenges.


3D data manipulation | advanced process controls | autonomous robotics | computer/machine vision & image processing | industrial robotics | instrumentation


advanced sensing, vision,  & measurement | application solutions | automation research cluster – Intelligent Factory | robotics

Adaptive Automation at Work


Focus: Develop unique solutions for adaptive & collaborative robotics applications


Capabilities and Services:


Collaborative robotics development

Software development

Collaboration between mobile & fixed assets

Development of industrial processes and solutions using collaborative robotics

Develop integration solutions

Software backbone for process communication and integration

Integration of vision and other sensor systems

Develop industrial process solutions

Tele-operated robotics for manual or dangerous processes

Process development with industrial robot arms

Develop advanced robotic programming solutions

Advanced offline and adaptive programming solutions

Novel & intuitive programming methods

Automation Research Cluster - Intelligent Factory

Focus: Develop & deploy technology solutions for digital integration and Intelligent Factory systems


Capabilities and Services:

  • Digital integration
  • System architecture
  • Data analytics
  • User interface tool development
  • Data visualization
  • Software development
  • Development and integration of information models and semantics

Advanced Sensing, Vision & Measurement

Focus: Develop and apply technology to manufacturing measurement challenges


Capabilities and Services:

Technology development and evaluation

Technology evaluation & validation for specific applications

Development of systems and algorithms for automated defect detection & feature recognition

Development of multi-modal process monitoring systems

High speed and high volume data acquisition, cleaning, & post-processing

Process & data analytics

Application of numerous measurement technologies


3D metrology:  CMM (touch probe & laser scan), Structured Light Scanning, structuredlaser

Multi-sensor (AE, IR, Optical) in-line monitoring

Ultrasound (for leak detection and material measurement)


Computed tomography analysis

Numerous laboratory techniques, including microscopy, hardness, etc.



Vision Lab

Metrology Lab

Instrumentation Lab



Universal Robotics UR5

MiR200 mobile robot

MiR100 mobile robot

Modeling, simulation & off-line programming software

ABB IRB 2600 (APS cell)

Fanuc (robotic blast)

Dual Adept viper s1700 arms (DED cell)

RVT vision system

Multiple force sensors, end effectors, & tool changers

Team Skills

3D data manipulation                                                               Data analytics

Advanced process controls                                                      Data management

Advanced sensing & measurement                                         Digital integration

Autonomous robotics                                                               Electrical/electronics engineering

Industrial robotics                                                                    HCI, 3D graphics & visualization

 Industrial controls engineering                                               Instrumentation

         Software development & integration                                       Mechanical design

Systems engineering                                                                Manufacturing data systems

Computer/machine vision & image processing                      Process modeling & optimization

Manufacturing & industrial engineering                                 Machine learning



Application Solutions

Focus:  Provide tactical solutions for specific manufacturing problems for member companies


Capabilities and Services:

Identification of automation opportunities

Line walks

Process evaluation

Technology assessments

Solution development

Proof of concept development

Concept unique ways to combine technologies to address problems

Develop prototype and demonstrate feasibility

Identification of challenges on roadmap to production

Support ramp up to full scale integration

Support of developing initial job packet for quoting

Process change visualization & evaluation

Technical knowledge support for supply management during quotation phase

Knowledge transfer to selected integraton


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