CCAM Joins Statewide Effort to Accelerate Smart Manufacturing in Virginia

SMART Manufacturing Kick Off

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) recently participated in a kickoff meeting for an exciting new initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies among small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) in Virginia.

Led by GENEDGE Alliance, Virginia’s NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, the Virginia SMART Manufacturing Accelerator (VSMA) program brings together a consortium of universities and technical partners to assist over 200 SMMs through workshops, webinars, assessments, and technology implementation. CCAM joins Old Dominion University, Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University as key collaborators in this Department of Energy-funded effort.

The kickoff meeting, held on June 25, 2024, outlined the program’s objectives and the roles of each partner organization. A central goal is to help Virginia manufacturers leverage high-performance computing assets to enable modeling, simulation, and big data analytics. This will allow SMMs to make more informed decisions using digital twin simulations, improve production line performance, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and design more sustainable products.

CCAM’s involvement focuses on several critical areas:

  1. Developing curriculum and content for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in manufacturing applications
  2. Contributing to the creation of assessment tools and smart manufacturing roadmaps
  3. Supporting the development of training materials and demonstrations
  4. Assisting with the implementation of digital twin technologies and sensor instrumentation in manufacturing environments

The VSMA program aligns closely with the goals outlined in the National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing and has the potential for follow-on grant work. By participating in this initiative, CCAM continues its commitment to advancing manufacturing technologies and supporting Virginia’s industrial base.

As the project progresses, CCAM will collaborate closely with other consortium members to develop and deliver training materials, conduct workshops, and provide technical expertise to help Virginia’s manufacturers embrace the digital transformation of their operations. This effort promises to strengthen the state’s manufacturing sector and position Virginia as a leader in smart manufacturing adoption.


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