Intern Highlight: Benjamin Bevans

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Benjamin David Bevans is an outstanding Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Tech, specializing in Industrial & Systems Engineering. Benjamin’s internship at the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) has been exceptionally impactful, leaving a lasting mark in the realms of additive manufacturing (AM) and sensor technology.

During his tenure at CCAM, Benjamin played a vital role in advanced monitoring of the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) process. Focusing on Acoustic Emission sensing, he enhanced monitoring methods for various AM processes, including Powder-DED (P-DED), Laser Wire-DED (LW-DED), and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Notably, he led the development and deployment of sophisticated sensor packages for the US Navy’s Center of Excellence project, expanding the industrial base through LPBF and WAAM.

Benjamin’s practical contributions extended to the installation of sensors on diverse AM machines at CCAM, combining data from different sensors like optical cameras, infrared cameras, and other cutting-edge tools. His expertise covered a spectrum of AM processes, including laser powder bed fusion, powder- and wire-based directed energy deposition, wire arc additive manufacturing, and polymer and resin-based processes.

Demonstrating intellectual acuity, Benjamin showcased proficiency in processing sensor data using sophisticated techniques in data analytics, computer vision, and machine learning, leveraging tools like MATLAB and Python. His knowledge in metallurgical analysis, employing techniques such as microhardness testing and electron microscopy, reflected his comprehensive skill set.

As Benjamin concludes his Ph.D., his impactful internship at CCAM positions him as a rising star in industrial engineering. Currently, Benjamin is actively seeking opportunities that align with his expertise, and his dedication and comprehensive skill set make him poised to contribute significantly to the engineering world. Stay tuned for more updates on Benjamin’s journey as we celebrate the achievements of this accomplished Ph.D. graduate.

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