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CCAM was pleased to be apart of the early September 2020 online event, which went out to over 500,000 subscribers. Here is our episode:

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), was cancelled due to coronavirus (COVID-19). In an official statement, the organizers noted that this is the first time the biennial show has been cancelled since the outbreak of World War II made it impossible to hold. An IMTS Network was created in its place. Now that the live event week has concluded, content is on-demand and available at, which will become one of the industry’s premiere information destinations.

“IMTS Network is a bold venture that combines the learning power of TED Talks, the infotainment of the Discovery Channel and the human interest and energy of Good Morning America,” says Peter R. Eelman, vice president and CXO at The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which owns and produces IMTS.”

“Our manufacturing technology audience found the FutureView: CCAM episode fascinating, because of CCAM’s unique partnership ecosystem,” shares Jules McGuire, IMTS Network’s Executive Producer. “We are so appreciative to see some of CCAM’s projects and programs. The CCAM team was incredibly flexible and accommodating, and we think this video will be enjoyed by many.”

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