Surface Engineering Day


August 7, 2019



The Day will focus on: High Performance Coatings – Improvements in Manufacturing and Measurement

A selection of research topics, ranging from new technologies to measure properties of the coatings or the process, to the implementation of new control strategies will be presented.

Opening remarks will be delivered by Evan Feinman, Executive Director, Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission and Chief Broadband Advisor, Office of Governor Ralph S. Northam, Commonwealth of Virginia

Confirmed speakers include:

· Dr. Justin Cheney, R&D Manager: Computational Material Science, Oerlikon Metco. Topic: “Utilizing Big Data Methods to Design Next Generation MCrAlYs and Other Aerospace Coatings.”

· Dr. Ann Bolcavage, Engineering Associate Fellow, Coating Materials at Rolls-Royce Corporation. Topic: “Thermal Spray and the Future of Gas Turbine Engine Propulsion.”

· Dr. Xiaodong (Chris) Li, Roll-Royce Commonwealth Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia. Topic: “Machine Learning Enabled Surface Coating Processes and Quality Control.”

· Chad Hase, Laser Project Manager at +GF+ Machining Solutions. Topic: “Functional/Cosmetic Structures and Surfaces with Laser Ablation.”

· Dr. Tim Bakker, Intelligent Factory Research Manager, CCAM; and Dr. Joshua Williams, Surface Engineering Researcher, CCAM. Topic: “How the Intelligent Factory is used in thermal spray processes.”


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