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Kyocera SGS Precision Tools is utilizing the knowledge, technology, and equipment CCAM has to offer for the development of new world-class tooling and machining solutions for their customers. By undertaking projects away from a production environment, Kyocera SGS is able to focus on pure research and development, taking the time to fully explore each and every opportunity available. Through working collaboratively with other CCAM partners, Kyocera develops relationships and knowledge which benefits all parties. Currently Kyocera SGS Precision Tools is working together with two other CCAM partners on a joint development project to give each member a key advantage in the Aerospace Industry, an advantage that wouldn’t be possible without the utilization of CCAM.

Jason Wells, President, KSTH

In the near future CCAM will also take delivery of a new piece of equipment on behalf of Kyocera SGS Precision Tools for 18 months of development work. This equipment will then be moved to the Kyocera SGS Tech Hub in Danville, Virginia where it will become a key piece of production equipment. The Tech Hub is a purpose-built building next to Danville Community College to service a large and diverse range of customers both locally and globally.  The Tech Hub was created to provide customer focused technical engineering solutions to high level production problems and fully support each customized solution from cradle to grave. Research and Development will also be part of its core initiatives, developing new tooling solutions that are customer specific and focused on their difficult or time consuming applications.

Although Kyocera SGS Precision Tools invests a great deal internally into research and development, CCAM offers the organization a unique opportunity to supplement their research effort.  By accessing highly trained and educated research scientists in a broad spectrum of various industry-related fields, KSPT is able to deepen their knowledge-based resources.  This also offers the ability to gain a broader overall view of industry as a whole.  “The research team at CCAM brings the ability to conduct research in a brand neutral, unbiased fashion that is completely data driven and allows for science driven research, as opposed to market driven research,” says Jason Wells, President, Kyocera SGS Tech Hub. “These unique opportunities presented through CCAM, combined with the university affiliations are certainly viewed as a competitive advantage by Kyocera SGS Precision Tools.”

Construction of the Kyocera SGS Tech Hub began May of 2017 and will be completed August 2018. It is a 30,000 square foot modern state of the art facility and will employee over 40 people within the next 5 years. Kyocera has invested $5M into the facility itself and another $3M into Capital Equipment to get started.  An additional $5M in Capital is anticipated over the next 5 Years.

Kyocera is a global corporation headquartered in Japan.

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