CCAM Welcomes New Additions to the Adaptive Automation Team


On September 5, 2017 CCAM welcomed two new researchers to the Adaptive Automation team, Romain Simon and Dr. Robert Holgate.

Romain Simon sqMr. Simon’s research focus is on controls and digital integration. He has over tens years’ experience in industrial controls engineering in the power generation industry with GE Automation & Controls (formerly Alstom Power PAC). Mr. Simon has a B.S. in Automation & Electrical Engineering from the University of Strasbourg. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and collecting classic woodworking tools, tinkering with home electronics, and mountain biking.


Robert Holgate sqDr. Holgate will focus on research on industrial robotics. He has experience in research, design and fabrication of robotic prosthetics. Dr. Holgate has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics and Controls from Arizona State University. He also received his M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University. He enjoys spending time hiking outdoors with his 3 children and practicing his professional wrestling skills with his 6-year-old.

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