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The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) and its founding member Sandvik Coromant will join forces to showcase joint research efforts and give a glimpse into the future of manufacturing. Presented will be a project in one of the key areas of CCAM’s research, digital manufacturing, an element of future manufacturing systems. CCAM President & Executive Director Joe Moody, CTO Bob Fagan, and Digital Controls Engineer Dan Moodie will be present at Sandvik Coromants’ booth W-1500.

Dan Moodie and William Durow, Sandvik Coromant engineer at CCAM, will demonstrate how the latest information technology hardware can be implemented in the workshop of the future to raise productivity, reduce machine downtime and support streamlined tooling logistics.

CCAM is a unique research facility that brings industry, NASA and university capabilities together to develop advanced manufacturing solutions for member companies utilizing the latest advanced manufacturing tools and equipment. CCAM bridges the gap between research and commercial application, accelerating technology into markets at the speed of industry.

Sandvik Coromant is a founding member of CCAM and is represented on the Board of Directors by Sean Holt, Vice President of Engineering Market Area Americas.  “The research at CCAM is a prime example of how multiple industry partners and universities collaborate to drive innovative ideas and speed up their implementation in manufacturing facilities all over the US” says Sean Holt. “We are honored to be able to have representatives of CCAM participating in our booth at IMTS 2014.”

”This is an excellent opportunity for CCAM to showcase the benefits of our collaborative model,” said Joe Moody of the opportunity to partner at IMTS. “The research happening at CCAM is cutting edge and will provide benefits to Sandvik Coromant, their customers, and all of our industry members.”

CCAM’s Manufacturing Systems research and technology development is directed towards “Digital Manufacturing” and the realization of “Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)”. In its digital manufacturing research CCAM concentrates on the facilitation and implementation of an information technology hardware and software infrastructure on the manufacturing floor supporting digital execution of the design and manufacturing process definition. PLM extends that integration to processes critical to management of the product through its entire lifecycle.  Investigations include consideration of Cyber Security in the manufacturing environment.

About Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant is a global leading supplier of cutting tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the metalworking industry. With extensive investments in research and development we create unique innovations and set new productivity standards together with our customers. These include the world’s major automotive, aerospace and energy industries. Sandvik Coromant has 8000 employees and is represented in 130 countries. We are part of the business area Sandvik Machining Solutions within the global industrial group Sandvik.

Contact: Steffen Sander
Tel: (201) 310-7363

About CCAM
CCAM is an applied research center that provides production-ready advanced manufacturing solutions to member companies across the globe. Members guide the research, leveraging talent and resources within CCAM and at Virginia’s top universities, through a collaborative model that enables them to pool R&D efforts to increase efficiencies. Results can then be applied directly to the factory floor, turning ideas into profit faster and more affordably than ever before. CCAM is located in a state-of-the-art research facility in Prince George County, Virginia. For more information, visit

Contact: Alicia W. Durham
Tel: (804) 722-3702

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