Mechdyne Joins Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Mechdyne demo at CCAM Grand Opening March 2013

Governor Bob McDonnell participates in Mechdyne demo at CCAM Grand Opening March 2013

Company’s 3D Visualization Technology to Enhance Membership in CCAM with State-of-the-Art Modeling and Simulation Capabilities

RICHMOND, VA., November 6, 2013 – The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) today announced that Iowa-based Mechdyne Corporation has joined the research collaborative and will install a 3D visualization lab there to support research projects undertaken by CCAM’s membership.

In advanced manufacturing, 3D visualization labs present images of assembled products or parts onto large screens. The images are precisely rendered models of machines, engines or other components resulting from advanced manufacturing processes, down to their smallest detail. The on-screen models can be manipulated by users (rotated, zoomed in or out and explored piece by piece).

With the new Mechdyne solution, for example, users can virtually disassemble a jet engine or other complex machine to determine the most efficient way to replace an internal part, or test how newly designed parts may function within an existing design. 3D visualization cuts costs by allowing manufacturers to explore ideas and refine processes virtually. Mechdyne’s technology will significantly enhance CCAM’s research capabilities as members work collaboratively to discover manufacturing systems improvements.

“Advanced manufacturers are competing globally in an environment that continues to see the pace of technology accelerate rapidly,” said Dr. Michael Beffel, interim president and executive director of CCAM. “Mechdyne’s visualization system is a powerful addition to CCAM’s research toolbox that will help our members keep their systems and processes on the cutting edge.”

Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne maintains worldwide offices that serve a variety of industries beyond manufacturing, including architecture and engineering, energy, government, healthcare, higher education and more. The company operates a software development, training and support office in Virginia Beach, Va. In addition to 3D visualization products and related software, Mechdyne also provides consulting, computing and other technology services.

“CCAM takes advanced manufacturing R&D to another level with its collaborative approach to solving industry-wide challenges,” said Jim Gruening, senior vice president at Mechdyne. “Our solution fits CCAM’s mission perfectly and we are excited to join the likes of Rolls-Royce, Newport News Shipbuilding, Siemens and others in game-changing research projects.”

About CCAM
CCAM is an applied research center that provides production-ready advanced manufacturing solutions to member companies across the globe. Members guide the research, leveraging talent and resources within CCAM and at Virginia’s top universities, through a collaborative model that enables them to pool R&D efforts to increase efficiencies. Results can then be applied directly to the factory floor, turning ideas into profit faster and more affordably than ever before. CCAM is located in a state-of-the-art research facility in Prince George County, Virginia. For more information, visit

About Mechdyne Corporation
Mechdyne is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative visual information technologies. The company bends technology in ways that transform complex data into insights and ideas. To ensure customers succeed, Mechdyne provides comprehensive, customized solutions that include consulting, software, technical services and hardware integration. Mechdyne, with offices around the world, serves a global customer base. Customers include: leading government laboratories, energy companies, universities, manufacturing and design firms, U.S. armed forces and other users of visual information technologies. Visit for more information.

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